Beech Design Limited

Looking for a new or improved website? We specialise in website creation for small to medium enterprises; whether you want a simple, functional site or a unique piece of design to showcase your business we are here to help.


The most important part of any website is the structure and user interface; it doesn't matter what the site looks like if no one can work out how to navigate it! We work closely with you to establish a framework that best allows the site to display the information that you want to convey.


Once we've worked out the structure, now it's time to decorate! Whether it's working within a closely-controlled set of brand guidelines or creating a corporate identity virtually from scratch, we can create a look that is suitably professional, up-to-date and attractive.


Did you know that more than a quarter of internet traffic is now from mobile devices? Standard desktop-biased sites are far from ideal for accessing from a mobile device, with hard-to-read fonts and small buttons.

All Beech websites are desgined to be optimised for mobile devices from the outset, by making small, careful changes to the format when viewed on a mobile device (to see what we mean, just have a look at any page on this site on a mobile device!)


If you want something a little bit special, we can also use Adobe Flash™ to create rich content - take a look at this map for example.

Of course not all devices can use Flash™ - but don't worry as we have that covered too, with simplified animations for mobile devices with automatic switching between the two to suit the user's device.


One of the key differences between a run-of-the mill website and a truly eye-catching one is quality photography. We offer a variety of photography services, from long-distance and fast moving subjects to close-ups of products.