Beech Design Limited

Welcome to Beech Design.

Through various different services, we aim to work with you and your business to produce outstanding results, at competitive prices.

Design is our passion, and by working in different areas of design, we can fully explore our ideas and creativity.

 Client confidentiality is key to us, which is why we have not listed any customers on our website, we are happy to discuss what our previous projects have involved, but obviously not their details, or who they were for.


Specialising in the Use of Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD, we can develop any concept to beautiful 3D visuals, then on to full manufacturing drawings if required, and any stage in between.

We have worked with many organisations, but specialise in Retail and Signage design, mainly working in joinery, Metal (Sheet and tubular), Glass and Plastics. With such a wide range of materials and construction methods, design knowledge can easily be transferred to projects outside these areas.

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CAD RenderCAD Render

CAD RenderCAD RenderStairs - renderStairs - finished product

Website Design

Looking for a new or improved website? We specialise in website creation for small to medium enterprises; whether you want a simple, functional site or a unique piece of design to showcase your business we are here to help. We work closely with you to establish a framework that best allows the site to display the information that you want to convey.

Once we've worked out the structure, now it's time to decorate! We will create a look for your site that is suitably professional, up-to-date and attractive.

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With a strong retail background, first and foremost we specialise in product photography, photographic surveys and photographs of newly installed equipment (If you’ve just paid a lot of money for some new equipment, why not show it off!).

We also specialise in Motorsport/Transport photography, encapsulating the movement of cars in our photos, but also taking time to appreciate the fine details of your car in static shots, and creating standout Light painted portraits of your special vehicle.

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Classic RacingHenry the kitten

Classic RacingHenry the kittenLotus ExigeClose-up car photography (panning)

Database Design

Building bespoke databases for various clients, from document management systems, systems which track continuous improvement ideas and part calculation systems, we can build a database specifically for your needs.

No more trying to get an Excel spreadsheet to run critical aspects of your business, we can build you a system which does exactly what you need, plus can generate reports of how everything is functioning.

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Mircosoft® Office

Looking for expert design and programming services for Micrrosoft Office programs? We offer services for:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Access

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